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My name is Sally and I am The Hcg Diet Coach.  I have used various types of hcg (hcg drops, hcg injections, hcg patches and hcg pellets) and want to help you through this journey into health and wellness.  My experience and knowledge are unrivaled and I want to help you!

Transform the way your body loses weight with the hcg diet protocol program as outlined by Dr. Simeons in his book, Pounds and Inches.  Put the hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) hormone to work for you and burn your fat with remarkable speed.

Do you have hcg diet questions?  Are you an experienced hcg user or are you new?  Do you need some guidance or someone to give you a little push every now and again?  Do you need someone to hold your hand and walk you through step by step?  Look no further, The Hcg Diet Coach is here to help and give you the advice and support that you need!


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